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Curated Vessels


In the realm of channel.R, our handpicked fleet of yachts stands as a tribute to our unwavering dedication to luxury yachting excellence. Showcasing eight elite brands, each renowned for their exceptional artistry and innovative design, we present a rich variety of options tailored to the refined preferences of our clients. Rooted deeply in the maritime tradition, yet propelled by a vibrant and forward-thinking ethos, we offer more than just yachts – we offer a journey imbued with elegance and sophistication.

From the sleek lines of a modern motor yacht to the timeless grace of a classic sailboat, our portfolio encapsulates a range of styles and specifications, ensuring that each client finds their perfect maritime match. Our experienced team, deeply knowledgeable about every vessel we represent, is dedicated to guiding you through the selection process, ensuring that your choice from channel.R is not just a purchase, but a lasting addition to your lifestyle.

channel.R Amel Yachting


AMEL Yachts are renowned for their robust, comfortable, and easy-to-handle sailing experience, blending heritage with modernity. Each yacht is meticulously crafted in France, embodying over 50 years of maritime excellence and innovation, tailored to the unique needs of discerning sailors.


Nordhavn stands as a symbol of rugged, ocean-going trawler-styled motor yachts, designed for ultimate endurance and long-distance travel. Their distinctive hull designs and innovative technologies make Nordhavn yachts a favorite among serious ocean explorers.

channel.R Nordhavn Yachts
channel.R Hinckley Yachts


Hinckley Yachts, with a legacy dating back to 1928, are synonymous with American luxury sailing and powerboat excellence. Known for their advanced technologies like JetStick and Dual Guard composite material, Hinckley crafts each yacht with a commitment to integrity and aesthetic perfection.


Invincible Boats are designed for the serious angler, offering unrelenting performance and built with integrity to handle the most challenging conditions. Their boats combine aesthetic styling with fluid dynamic technology, delivering speed, comfort, and efficiency.

channel.R Invincible Boats
channel.R Invincible Boats
channel.R Pursuit Boats


Pursuit Boats are revered for their unrelenting performance and integrity in craftsmanship, offering a refined boating experience. Each model showcases superior design, unparalleled performance, and ergonomic luxury, making them a symbol of nautical excellence.


Fleming Yachts are a testament to nautical tradition and modern innovation, known for their robust design and pioneering technology. With a focus on continuous refinement and innovation, Fleming offers yachts that are perfect blends of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary functionality.

channel.R Fleming Yachts

Nord Star

Nord Star by Linex Boat Oy epitomizes Finnish boatbuilding excellence, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation. Known for their handcrafted precision and sturdy structure, each Nord Star boat is a reflection of a rich family legacy and contemporary design, ensuring safety, power, and comfort in all sea conditions.

channel.R Nord Star Boats
channel.R Nord Star Boats
channel.R Scorpion RIBs


Scorpion Ribs represents the pinnacle of rigid inflatable boat craftsmanship, offering extraordinary custom-built RIBs. Known for their unique heritage of innovation and advanced hull design, Scorpion Ribs deliver safety, comfort, and performance in all conditions.

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