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Precision in Refit and Technical Services

channel.R Refit & Technical Services
channel.R Refit & Technical Services

At channel.R, the Repair Management Team expertly bridges the gap between your vision and reality, meticulously planning every detail for a smooth and flawless refit process. channel.R promises an experience uniquely tailored to each client, where every step of communication advances towards perfection. This journey into the field of refit and technical services is not just about meeting expectations but exceeding them with excellence.


As the acme of Repair Management Services, channel.R coordinates essential work for repairs, engages in thorough selection of shipyards, contractors, and parts suppliers, and diligently reviews and negotiates repair contract terms whether you own a luxury motor yacht, a classic sailing yacht or a grand crewed superyacht. The team performs on-site inspections of ongoing shipyard works, monitoring the quality and progress against agreed completion dates.


channel.R is equipped to undertake all technical services and periodic maintenance on your equipment, ensuring every need is met with precision. The company also provides all necessary spare parts, guaranteeing a comprehensive service package.

Mechanical and Electrical Expertise

channel.R’s services extend to the servicing, repair, and recycling of all diesel and gasoline engines, as well as comprehensive care for generators, drive images, and hydraulic systems. The team’s expertise in mechanical and electrical systems encompasses everything from engine and generator installation to the repair and maintenance of various yacht systems, including water pumps, treatment plants, refrigeration units, and electrical systems.

  • Service, repair, and recycling of all types of diesel and gasoline engines,

  • Every kind of generator service, repair, and recycling,

  • Drive images service,

  • Hydraulic systems safety,

  • Tail change, sea water valve maintenance or replacement, shaft bed change,

  • Engine and generator installation and assembly,

  • Water constructor, installation, and installation,

  • Electrical installation and local repair,

  • Rectifier and inverter installation and installation,

  • Electrical system control and control,

  • Service of water pumps, watermaker pumps, alternators, starter motors, sewage tank pumps and bilge pumps,

  • Treatment plant services,

  • Refrigerator and airport shuttle,

  • Sanitary installation and repair,

  • High-quality polyethylene, polyester and polypropylene tank manufacturing

Paint, Varnish, and Lathe Work Mastery

channel.R offers top-notch paint and varnish applications, including advanced composite structural repairs and certified osmosis treatment. The team's proficiency in lathe work caters to a range of customizations, from Bimini and spray production to the crafting of specialized yacht components.

Paint and Varnish Applications:

  • Awlgrip, International, Jotun, TeknoMarin, Hempel, etc. polyurethane and synthetic topcoat applications,

  • Composite structural repairs (carbon, GRP, polyester, and epoxy etc.),

  • Gelcoat repairs,

  • Polyurethane and synthetic varnish applications,

  • Certified osmosis treatment and prevention systems,

  • Season preparations; antifouling applications and polish


Lathe Works:

  • Bimini and spray production,

  • Private deck production (davit, ram horn, father, puntel, rope, etc.),

  • Passage and swimming ladders,

  • Special portholes, lids, waterlock and silencers, gooseneck, exhaust and gas separators,

  • Special turning and turning works,

  • Special grab, coupling and shaft production

Woodwork, Upholstery, and Rigging Craftsmanship

The team's craftsmanship extends to woodwork, offering teak deck renewal, interior and exterior modifications, and bespoke cabin manufacturing. Upholstery services include the production and repair of various yacht furnishings, while the rigging and sailing department handles everything from rig adjustments to sail production and maintenance.

Wood Works:

  • Teak deck; renewal and exchange,

  • Interior and exterior design change and modification,

  • Mail (curve) and waterproof curtain replacement or repair,

  • Cab manufacturing and modification


  • Bimini and Sprayhood production and repair,

  • Lazy bag manufacturing and repair,

  • Outboard engine, crane case, rudder and so on. sheath manufacturing,

  • Winter crown construction, sun mattresses, seating cushions and cabin linings

Rigging and Sailing:

  • Rig control, adjustment and new rigging,

  • Sail washing, repair, and new sail production,

  • Boom, mast and balloon shipping and cleaning,

  • Electric and manual crane services

Inflatable Boats and Life Raft Services

channel.R also specializes in inflatable boat services and life raft maintenance, encompassing a full range of yacht materials and seasonal preparations.


In every aspect of refit and technical services, channel.R stands as a symbol of unmatched quality and precision, enhancing the beauty and functionality of every yacht under its care.

Life Raft and Inflatable Boat:

  • Life raft and service,

  • Inflatable boats,

  • All types of yacht materials,

  • Lazy jack installation and wintering

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