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Masterful Yacht Management by channel.R


At channel.R, the team is well-versed in the challenges and time commitments inherent in yacht ownership. Setting channel.R  from competitors, is the exceptional quality and hyper-personalized nature of the service, tailored to meet and exceed the unique needs of each owner. This dedicated approach ensures that every vessel is not only meticulously maintained but also safely and efficiently operated.


channel.R's full management support service caters to yachts ranging from 80 to 400 feet, encompassing every aspect of yacht management. The expertise at channel.R includes in-depth financial reporting and thorough supervision of maintenance periods, providing comprehensive coverage that offers clients security, enjoyment, and peace of mind, thereby preserving the value and condition of their investment.


Engaging with channel.R means partnering with a team committed to the seamless operation and upkeep of your yacht. The goal at channel.R is to elevate the overall experience of yacht ownership, allowing clients to fully enjoy the pleasures of yachting, confident that every detail is expertly managed.

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