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Nordhavn: Pioneers in Ocean-Going Craftsmanship

Nordhavn, a hallmark of Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc. (PAE), represents a legacy of ocean-going trawler-styled motor yachts, renowned for their robust construction and unparalleled seaworthiness. As a partner of channel.R, Nordhavn extends its tradition of nautical excellence through a fleet ranging from 41 to 120 feet. These vessels, known for their full-displacement capabilities, combine slow, fuel-efficient travel with the ability to cover vast oceanic distances, encapsulating the essence of true offshore passagemaking.

Nordhavn Yachts Logo

The distinctiveness of Nordhavn yachts lies in their design: most featuring a raised forward pilothouse or an elevated aftdeck deckhouse, offering operational ease and a unique aesthetic. Their engineering prowess is evident in the standing headroom engine rooms and the dual-engine configuration, ensuring both reliability and safety. Constructed under the vigilant eyes of PAE’s project managers in Taiwan, China, and Türkiye, these vessels are a testament to global craftsmanship and design ingenuity.

channel.R Nordhavn Yachts
channel.R Nordhavn Yachts

channel.R’s partnership with Nordhavn brings together a shared vision of luxury and exploration. Nordhavn’s history, beginning with its transformative shift from sailing yachts to trailblazing trawlers in 1988, aligns with channel.R's ethos of innovation and excellence. The Nordhavn range, from the iconic Nordhavn N46 to the expansive N120, reflects a dedication to both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. Their larger vessels, including the Nordhavn N63, N68, and N86, demonstrate a focus on expansive, luxurious designs that have increasingly become the cornerstone of the brand's success.

Nordhavn's journey, marked by milestones like the smallest production powered vessel to circumnavigate the globe, showcases their commitment to breaking boundaries in yacht design. Despite ventures into different models like motorsailers and sportfishing boats, Nordhavn’s core lies in its ocean-crossing trawlers, a niche that resonates deeply with channel.R's clientele. The partnership between two pioneers celebrate this shared passion for the sea, offering both of their clients vessels that are not just modes of transportation, but gateways to uncharted adventures and luxurious experiences.

channel.R Nordhavn Yachts

Nordhavn Yachts

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