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Invincible Boats: Redefining Sportfishing Excellence

Invincible Boats emerged from a vision to create the ultimate sportfishing experience, born from the founder's relentless pursuit of a vessel that could meet the rigorous demands of serious anglers. Established in 2006, Invincible set out to revolutionize the center-console boat industry, fueled by a commitment to never settle for less than the best. Partnering with Michael Peters, a renowned naval architect, Invincible Boats developed the patented Stepped-Vee Ventilated Tunnel (SVVT) design, an innovation that changed the game in hull performance.

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channel.R recognizes and celebrates the exceptional design and performance of Invincible Boats. Their meticulous approach to construction, from vacuum-bagged infusion to the ergonomic design of consoles and footrests, demonstrates an unwavering dedication to quality and functionality. Every aspect, including the diamond-patterned non-skid deck and strategically placed lines of sight, is crafted with the angler in mind.

channel.R Invincible Boats
channel.R Invincible Boats

Invincible’s foray into the world of center-console catamarans further showcases their innovative spirit. Collaborating with Morrelli & Melvin, experts in multihull designs, Invincible introduced a patented, hybrid semi-asymmetrical multihull design that leads the industry in ride quality, handling, and speed. Their catamarans are unrivaled in their ability to execute high-speed turns and maintain remarkable seakeeping abilities without relying on trim tabs or ballast tanks.

In partnering with Invincible Boats, channel.R is proud to offer sportfishing enthusiasts boats that are not just athletic but are built with a deep understanding of what it takes to excel on the water. Invincible Boats stand as a testament to the idea that the best products are born from the best materials, designs, and relentless testing until perfection is achieved. For those considering their next sportfishing adventure, Invincible offers an unparalleled experience, cementing their status as a builder of the most athletic and finely crafted fishing machines in the industry.

channel.R Invincible Boats

Invincible Boats

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