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Who We Are?


channel.R is defined by a team that is youthful, dynamic and enthusiast, specializing in yacht charter, brokerage, management and new builds. Our seasoned team takes immense pride in a heritage that is deeply rooted in the maritime industry – a legacy that fuels their passion and commitment.


At the core of channel.R’s operations are its employees, considered the very backbone of the organization. Each member of our expert team at channel.R is a dedicated fellow, committed to providing clients with service of the highest quality. This includes a commitment to transparency and reliability in every interaction.


In essence, channel.R is a partner and companion in the yachting world, dedicated to enhancing the overall yachting experience and lifestyle. The true spirit of channel.R is encapsulated in a harmonious blend of rich heritage, collective team spirit, and an unwavering engagement to excellence in service.


The Çakır Family's History:
A Passion for Yachting and the Sea

Rıza Çağdaş Çakır

I write to you with a story woven from the deep blues of the Mediterranean and the enduring passion of my family, a narrative that I believe resonates with every soul enchanted by the sea.



Our tale begins with my grandfather, Rıza Çakır, a man whose hands, though initially set to crafting industrial marine engines, unknowingly laid the keel for a legacy in the yachting industry. His vision was simple yet profound to support his family and meet the burgeoning local demand. Yet, as the allure of yachting burgeoned in Turkey, so did the aspirations of our family.



My father, following in Rıza's wake, specialized in ZF and Hurth marine transmissions, steering our company into uncharted waters. His expertise, coupled with his brother's zeal, anchored our family's dreams firmly in Göcek, a then-emerging hub for maritime enthusiasts. Here, our workshop not only served a growing fleet but also contributed significantly to the development of Göcek Marina, a cornerstone in our region's nautical history.



Today, I, alongside my brother, proudly represent the third generation at the helm of this voyage. Our childhood, immersed in the rhythms of the sea and the workings of yachts, naturally sculpted our paths. My brother's pursuit of boat design and my own experiences in Europe's renowned superyacht shipyards have equipped us to navigate the future of our family's enterprise.



In 2018, channel.R was birthed, a culmination of our family's journey and an embodiment of our dedication to the yachting world. As we represent eight international brands, channel.R is more than a business; it is a testament to a saga of dedication, innovation, and an undying love for the sea.



I invite you, Dear channel.R Fellow, to be part of this ongoing maritime legacy. Whether you seek to charter, purchase, maintain, or repair a yacht, channel.R offers not just services but a piece of our family's story, a story that we hope will inspire and resonate with your own seafaring dreams.



With warm regards and a shared passion for the waves,



Rıza Çağdaş Çakır

Founder, channel.R

Rıza Çağdaş Çakır channel.R Founder
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