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Serçe Harbour: A Gem Along the Turkish Coast

channel.R Serce Harbour Turkey

Nestled on the southwestern coast of Turkey, Serçe Harbour offers a breathtaking escape into nature's embrace. This secluded bay, reminiscent of a fjord with its steep enclosures and deep waters, is a favorite among sailors and history enthusiasts alike.

Historical and Natural Allure

The harbour's entrance is marked by an intriguing historical backdrop, where remnants from an 11th-century Byzantine shipwreck were discovered. These artifacts, now housed in the Bodrum Museum, add a layer of historical mystique to the bay. The entrance, while captivating with its enormous rock formations, requires careful navigation due to shallow reefs.

A Sanctuary for Sailors

Inside, Serçe Harbour splits into two main anchorages: the northern Serçe Harbour and the southern Akça Harbour. The northern part, with its gentler shores, allows for closer anchoring, while the southern cove, known for its wider berth and shingle beach, offers a quaint restaurant right by the water. Both spots provide excellent holding for anchors, ensuring a secure stay.

Beyond the Bay

The area around Serçe Harbour is rich with olive groves, offering stunning green vistas against the backdrop of clear blue waters. Local amenities include a modest restaurant nestled among the trees, providing refreshments and limited provisions. For the adventurous, a rugged path leads to the nearby Fenaket Village, where donkey tours explore the rustic landscape and local lore speaks of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

Serene Yet Accessible

Despite its serene setting, Serçe Harbour is accessible and provides all-around shelter, making it an ideal spot for those looking to escape the busier tourist paths without venturing too far from civilization. Its cool, pristine waters invite swimmers and snorkelers to enjoy the aquatic beauty up close.


Serçe Harbour is not just a destination but an experience, offering a perfect blend of historical intrigue, natural beauty, and nautical adventure. Whether you're anchoring for a quiet night under the stars or exploring ancient ruins, Serçe Harbour promises a memorable journey into the heart of Turkey's coastal heritage.


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