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Fleming 65

The Fleming 65 was introduced in mid 2005 in response to a strong demand for an intermediate Fleming between the 55 and the 75. Her layout is very similar in concept to the 55 but the 65, being around 70% larger in displacement, offers much more interior and deck space than her smaller sibling. Fleming Yachts decided to retain hull number 1 (named Venture) to evaluate her design performance as a well-found cruising yacht as well as providing a test bed for new equipment. Since commissioning in 2005 Tony Fleming has cruised Venture more than 60,000 miles along the West Coast of North America from La Paz, Mexico to Juneau, Alaska, back down the Coast to the Sea of Cortez, to the Galapagos Islands, through the Panama Canal, up the East Coast into the Hudson River, Erie Canal and the St. Lawrence Seaway. Along the way Tony has provided the yard with valuable feedback and suggestions that have been incorporated in the 65 production line. Thanks to Tony's extensive testing and evaluation of these refinements, several new items are now available on production models.

We are very proud that a panel of thirteen judges from the Internationally respected 'Yachts' magazine voted the Fleming 65 best yacht in her class, worldwide, for 2006. As of January 2019, 51 Fleming 65's have been built at the highly regarded Tung Hwa yard in Taiwan, which has built every Fleming yacht since they were introduced in 1985.

Teknik Özellikler


Yarı Deplasman






70' 10' (21.6 m)


18' 8' (5.7 m)


5' (1.52 m)


 1,700 US gals (6,435 L)


400 US gals (1,514 L)

Fleming tekneleri, sağlam tasarımı ve öncü teknolojileri ile denizcilik geleneği ve modern inovasyonun bir birleşimi niteliğinde. İyileştirmede süreklilik ve yenilikçilik üzerine odaklanan Fleming, geleneksel işçiliğin ve çağdaş işlevselliğin mükemmel birleşimi ile tekneler üretmekte.

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