Why do you need us?

-Technical Expertise: the beauty is obvious but the perfection is hidden in the details. Our technical background offers us many advantages. The most important one of all is to explain everything to you briefly and clearly and to ensure that you make your decisions under the light of this extensive knowledge. Thanks to our experience over the years and partnerships with the sector’s leaders we can target the perfection.

- Right Team: The right partner is crucial. One person cannot be expert on every single area. We know the right experts in the sector and we are constantly in contact with them. The key to our success is the expert partners and detailed planning. Designers, boat architects, local agencies, shipyards, sellers, global legal experts and maritime lawyers...

- One Trustworthy Consultant: The boat business requires coordinating experts in many different areas. All you have to do is to contact us so that you do not deal with these around your busy schedule.

-Transparent Budgeting: Professionalism requires being transparent. The most common problem at sea is hidden costs. We save you from these uncertainties and ensure that the calculations are correct.

- Right Timing: Foresight saves time and money. Our on-target task duration estimates will help you with the realistic timings and reliable planning.